What's Included

The items listed below are inclusive with all NesdaTrak Online subscriptions.

Entry Caregiver
Entry Client
Entry Company
Entry Contact
Entry Doctor
Entry Donor
Entry Driver
Entry Member
Entry Paid Worker
Entry Person With Disease
Entry Server
Entry Volunteer
Location For Activity

Module Options

NesdaTrak Online offers 50+ modules.  If your agency has a program that is currently not part of NesdaTrak Online, our team can customize a module specific to your organization.

55 Alive
Adult Day Service 01A Adult Day Service 01B
Adult Protective Services
Aging At Home
Assessment Urgency Algorithm
Asset Tracking
Assisted Living Program
Behaviour Support Ontario
Blood Pressure
Breakfast Club
Care Giver
Client Intervention
Case Management
Community Kitchen Module
Congregate Dining
Easier Plus
Exercise and Fitness Program
First Link
First Link Care Navigation
Flu Clinic
Food Bank
Foot Care
Free and Busy
Friendly Visiting
Frozen Meals
Good Fellowship
Grand Friends
Grocery Program
Grocery Van
Handy Bus
Hearing Health Clinics
Home At Last
Home At Last (2) (3)
Home First
Home First (2)
Home Help
Home Help Brokered
Home Maintenance
Home Making
Income Tax
Life Line
Mail Courier Alert
Meals On Wheels
Minds In Motion
Palliative Care
Personal Support
Public Education 09C
Respite 08 A
Respite 08 C
Respite 08 E
Respite 08 E (2) (3)
Seasonal Maintenance
Security and Reassurance
Senior Day Program
Seniors Without Walls
Service Arrangement and Coordination
Snoezelen Room
Socialization and Activation
Stroke Survivor Support
Supportive Housing
Teach / CARERS
Track Incoming Call
Track Incoming Support
Transportation (2) (3)
Urban Agriculture

Add-On Modules

NesdaTrak Online users can take advantage of our add-on packages to enhance their data management experience.

  • compile MOH Statistics quickly and efficiently
  • ties directly into the NesdaTrak Statistical Engine enabling users to ‘map’ information directly to MOH GL accounts while NesdaTrak compiles all the necessary data for you.


  • allows users to Create, Track, Print, Email and Audit Donations
  • print and email Donation Receipts on a variety of templates printable with a personalized letter for each Donor
  • report on variety of information tracked in the FundTyme System
  • Visual Event Editor
    • allows users to view/edit events using a ‘viewer’ in a calendar view
    • users can visually see the client or vendor and the time allocated to either
    • users can schedule workers/volunteers that have set hours
    • users can edit work hours for full/part time staff
  • Visual Phone Call Manager
    • Allows users to visually manage phone calls and return phone calls as they relate to arranging volunteers for events
    • Users are able to ‘tie’ a phone call to an event so the front-line coordinator can see any ‘returned’ calls
    • Data transfers seamlessly between the entry of the call and the data within NesdaTrak
  • Attachments for Case Notes
    • Case notes can store an electronic document (.pdf, .jpg, .bmp or .doc)
    • Documents are retrievable on demand
  • create custom detailed reports through a dynamic interface
  • share reports between sites
  • queue multiple reports to print sequentially
  • compile information from multiple date ranges on the same report
  • Emailing invoices to the ‘Bill To’ on the invoice